Justin Marchegiani, DC
Travels from San Francisco, California

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Dr. Justin has spoken at many dierent venues including the following:

Google, Whole Foods, Senior Centers, The Silicon Valley Health institute, The BulletProof Conference, Local Colleges, Community Centers and interviewed by many top podcasts and bloggers.

Dr. Justin’s goal is to take complex information and make it fun and entertaining while at the same life-changing. Good health becomes a reality when people are informed. It’s not about working hard to achieve health, but working smarter instead. Below is a sample of Dr. Justin’s most requested lectures.

Program Summaries:

Pain Free and Full of Energy!
There are physiological answers to why many people are chronically inflamed and have very low energy. Most Doctors blame this on aging and provide no real solutions. Learn why you feel the way you feel and what you can do about it!

Why Am I always getting sick?
Do you get sick maybe 3, 4, 5 or more times per year? There are simple solutions for you to jumpstart your immune system so you can use those vacation days for leisure and not for sick time.

Lose Belly Fat Now!
Everyone has tried the latest fad diet or exercise video. Some keep trying until they can’t t anything else into their schedule and then give up due to fatigue and unavoidable cravings. Learn what you can do to boost your metabolism, spend less time in the gym and feel satiated!