Gerard L. Guillory, MD
Travels from Denver, Colorado

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Dr. Guillory is a board certified internal medicine specialist who has been practicing in Aurora, Colorado since 1985.He is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency training at Richland Memorial Hospital, affiliated with the University of South Carolina Medical College. He has an integrative internal medicine practice which focuses on prevention, wellness and looking for the root cause of your medical problems. Over the years, Dr. Guillory has fostered an interest in patient education and has authored three books on digestive troubles. He has been recommending a gluten-free diet for more than two decades as he found patients with digestive disorders benefited after going gluten-free. He also found that many other medical problems, many of them autoimmune disorders, improved with this dietary change. Dr. Guillory lectures extensively on nutrition, wellness, and health promotion. He is actively involved with teaching medical students, nurse practitioner students and physician assistant students.