Corey Schuler, DC
Travels from Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Dr. Schuler is both a locally and nationally recognized expert in the field of natural health and metabolism. He is a frequently sought out expert teaching to physicians and other healthcare providers, often interviewed for radio and magazines, and consulted by leaders in the industry. He has been a featured guest of Underground Wellness, Five to Thrive Live, Elevate Your Energy, Rochester General Hospital (New York), Primal Diet Modern Health, Doctor Health Radio, Let’s Get Healthy with Bill Swail, Good News Health Show, Healthy Choices, as well as Men’s Fitness and Strategy magazines and is on the speakers’ bureau of Natural Health International. Dr. Schuler’s face may be familiar from the national airing of the MyPillow and MyPillow Premium 30 minute television commercials.

Dr. Schuler is a board-certified nutrition specialist and functional medicine practitioner with a profound curiosity about why one medicine heals one person with a condition but not another with the very same condition. He brings experience from all facets of natural medicine including advanced nutritional laboratory analysis to connect you to the proper course of care. His entertaining signature talk is Connecting the Dots Between Mood, Hormones, and Metabolism in which he weaves information about depression, anxiety, and bipolar with conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and low testosterone while addressing food sensitivities and difficulty losing weight. He is the creator of the Clear Mind program as well as author of When Nutrition Doesn’t Work.