Beverly Meyer
Travels from San Antonio, Texas

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Beverly is an animated speaker, who believes passionately in the power of self-discovery. She teaches FOOD FIRST as her motto, and asks her listeners to suspend belief in the old “food rules” they’ve been taught for 50 years.

She playfully explores why humans have no instinct to “bend over and graze”, and why our digestive systems are not conducive to eating grains – the seeds of grass – sugars, or dairy.

Beverly explains what the proteins, fats and healthy carbs are, and how to shift your kitchen time and budget to providing these for family. She has a popular DVD, The Diet For Human Beings, that teaches the diet.

In addition, Beverly has been in Clinical practice since 1985, working with clients of all ages on every type of health concern. Food First, then rigorous lab testing and supplementation protocols. Her chief expertise is in anxiety, stress management, digestion (gas, diarrhea, heartburn, etc.), and dental concerns that affect us systemically.

As a lifelong patient of holistic health, and a person with Celiac Disease and clinical adrenal exhaustion, she devotes her time and energy to finding solutions for herself which she can pass on to others.