Chef Simone Shifnadel
San Francisco, California

How & Why I Started:

I started Zenbelly Catering in 2008 simply because I love feeding people great food. Shortly after, I learned that I had to eliminate gluten from my life, which isn’t easy for anyone, never mind someone in the food industry. A few years and several inner battles later, I transitioned my business into a 100% gluten-free company, specializing in grain-free and paleo cuisine. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve been the person at the party who can’t eat anything, and am committed to making sure that there will be none of those people at the parties I cater. I love nothing more than hearing “I can eat that?!”, when people are presented with food that would normally be off the table for them. Food is love! It should bring joy to your heart and health to your body.

My Message to You:

I am a self taught chef on a mission: to show that paleo cuisine can be just as gourmet, refined and artfully presented as what you’d find in a fine bistro. Since I can’t reasonably cook for everyone, I blog my favorite recipes at zenbellyblog.com, where I attempt to encourage people to get in the kitchen roll up their sleeves, and create something great. In addition to my blog and gluten-free catering company, I host paleo popups (a temporary restaurant concept that “pops up”), in the San Francisco Bay Area whenever I can. I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only one who gets sick of ordering a “burger no bun” when dining out, and have a lot of fun presenting a gourmet alternative for my beloved paleo community.

Zenbelly – Simone Shifnadel

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San Francisco, California