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Kayla Grossmann
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How & Why We Started:

At Radiant Life, we have all been inspired by the potential of traditional foods, physical fitness, and a clean environment to promote wellness and healing. Our company was founded in 1996 as a means of sharing this passion for ancestral approaches to health with others. By combining the best traditions and insights from our human past with the latest findings of independent scientific research, it is our mission to offer transformative information and resources that promote optimal health and sustainable living.

Our Message to You:

As the premier ancestral living source on the internet, we strive to offer a wide variety of mindfully harvested, carefully handled whole food products that are organic, non-GMO and additive free. We also provide a wide spectrum of uniquely crafted supplements, world class water systems and a number of other unique products supportive of a healthy lifestyle. Our team works closely with dynamic leaders in the fields of integrative health and traditional nutrition to bring cutting edge information and the very best products to our community.

Radiant Life

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