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How and Why We Started:

Pete and Sarah started dating in 2010 when Sarah started dragging Pete to this crazy thing called CrossFit every morning at 6am. Pete was a chef, so he had basically just gone to bed when Sarah was shaking him awake to go work out. They were both quickly introduced to Paleo by the members of the box they joined. Pete was cooking Sarah roasted garlic elk kebobs, pickled red cabbage and braised black pepper fennel while everyone in the gym was trying to enjoy their grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. After several requests from their fellow members to cook for them too, Pete’s Paleo was born! As they both delved deeper into Paleo, they discovered this wasn’t just about losing weight and performing better in the gym; it’s about all the incredible health benefits of eating Paleo, many of which have helped them both out personally.

Our Message to You:

We understand the importance of eating clean, real food. Those are our guiding principles at Pete’s Paleo. First and foremost, we are here to help spread awareness and understanding of Paleo. Secondarily, if you already know that eating Paleo is for you, we are here to make it more convenient and delicious. Our ready-to-eat meals are based on a seasonal menu guided by what is available at the farms/ranches. Our menu is full of a variety of proteins and vegetables, as we understand that to achieve optimal health, one must eat a variety of nutrients. Our meals are shipped fresh on dry ice, nationwide!

Pete’s Paleo

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