Paleo Treats, Inc.
Rations for the Driven

How and Why We Started:

Paleo Treats began in May of 2009 with the mission of delivering totally Paleo and really good tasting desserts anywhere in the world. A few hundred thousand cookies, 4 CrossFit Games and innumerably other events later, we still have the same mission.

Our Message to You:

Paleo isn’t such a restrictive diet that you can’t have dessert, and that’s why we came up with Paleo Treats. At the same time, these are Treats; they’re not energy bars or fitness sticks or snacks between meals. They’re for when you’ve finished an awesomely delicious Paleo meal and you want an equally good dessert. Enjoy!

Paleo Treats – Rations for the Driven

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Telephone: (619) 246-3868

San Diego, California