Personal Paleo Chef
Mary Shenouda
Los Angeles, California

How & Why I Started:

About two years ago, I was confirmed as, not only a Celiac, but also having intolerance to both Casein [dairy] and Soy. This is like the opposite of winning the lottery if you don’t have a positive outlook on food.

Being a Type-A woman, I took this diagnosis as an opportunity to immerse myself in learning how what we eat today affects the human body and come up with ways to circumvent the challenges these foods present. I learned that it can all be summed up and ‘cured’ with the adoption of the Paleolithic Lifestyle, also known as the Paleo Diet. Based on lean meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit this way of enjoying food is not limiting at all as most people tend to assume.

During this time I was working 12 hour days with little time to cook and incredibly limited options for food outside my kitchen. There was one day towards the end of the quarter that I ate 6 apples because that was the only timely and available option.

Venting via social media about being starved for food + time, I found there were a select handful of others with the same daily dietary dilemmas who just wished they had a paleo educated chef preparing their meals for the work week.

And so, by popular demand, Personal Paleo Chef was borne.

My Message to You:

This isn’t a ‘diet’ of limitation; this is a healthy habit of getting as much nutrients in your belly as possible. Your plate has purpose and provides nourishment with each ingredient and delectable bite.

I am here to give you back hours of your life by managing meal planning, shopping, cooking and clean up so you are ready to dominate your week. My job is to ensure you are fed properly portioned, organic, paleo friendly meals that taste phenomenal and do your body good.

Personal Paleo Chef – Mary Shenouda

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Los Angeles (Santa Monica), California

Also serving clients in 
San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Austin