Paleo Café
Cairns, Queensland

How & Why We Started:

Paleo Cafe started from a passion to eat and live Paleo. Founders Jai and Marlies Hobbs learnt about Paleo through Jai’s crossfit gym around August 2011. The timing was perfect with their then 2 month old son Troy suffering from severe acid reflux, which finally after many months of desperation was diagnosed as being caused by a dairy intolerance. At about 4 months old, Troy was put on to a dairy free formula – Neocate – and after only two weeks on the dairy free formula Troy went from waking every hour screaming hungry and in pain to sleeping contently through the night. It was through this experience that Jai and Marlies realised the affects of food on our bodies. Gradually they started introducing more and more paleo recipes into their diet. They lost weight, Marlies’ skin and digestive problems cleared up and they were sleeping better and waking refreshed. The more they adopted the paleo lifestyle the better they felt – there was no turning back. Their frustration was the inconvenience in sourcing the paleo friendly products. With Jai running his own finance business, Hobbs Financial Services, and Marlies a Planning and Environment Lawyer and new mum, time was not on their side. In around April 2012, Marlies said to Jai one day “wouldn’t it be great if there was a place you could go that was a dedicated paleo health food store and cafe, with all the products you need in one place and convenient paleo meals and readymade meals… all without the temptations of the bad food options”. Jai realised the potential in such a concept immediately and the next day Paleo Cafe was registered as a business name!

The logo and branding was created by a senior designer and personal friend of Marlies, Kim Button. The branding represents the clean eating and paleo philosophy combined with fitness, a sense of identity and community and sophistication.

Paleo Cafe Cairns opened its doors on 3 October 2012. With loads of social media marketing and support from local newspapers and magazines, there was considerable publicity and public awareness around the concept from even before the doors opened. Paleo Cafe Cairns has been busy and thriving since its opening day and is now one of the busiest cafes in the Cairns area.

Paleo Cafe customers are predominantly locals, most of whom visit the cafe regularly, many as regularly as every day! Customers of Paleo Cafe see the cafe as part of their family and a part of their day. Staff know customers by their names, the Chefs will come out from the kitchen and chat with them about dishes and recipes and always endeavour to meet any special requests. Paleo Cafe brings convenience to healthy living. It makes people feel good – mentally and physically, and not to mention, look their best. It is no wonder it is such a successful concept.

Our Message to You:

At Paleo Cafe we are proud to be different. We adopt the Paleo philosophy which is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. The Paleo lifestyle is about eating and living as Mother Nature intended. That means eating a good variety of lean meat, seafood, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries.

Avoid eating dairy, grains, sugars and preservatives which our bodies were not designed to digest. Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, play time and laughter.

The benefits of adopting the Paleo lifestyle include weight loss, better skin, teeth, hair and nails, improved sleep, balance energy levels throughout the day, increased results from exercise, stable blood sugar, anti-inflammatory, reduced allergies, improved self confidence and general wellness.

Paleo Cafe

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Telephone: 07 40 413885

Shop 15
62 Grafton Street
Cairns, QLD 4870