Ferndale Farms
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Ferndale, California

How & Why We Started:

Welcome to Ferndale Farms! We are a small, diversified family owned grazing business located in Humboldt County, California. We turn sunlight into protein! We grow green clover, grasses, and sell 100% pasture raised, all natural, beef and lamb meat. We are committed to farming with nature, producing contented, healthy animals and good food. Our traditional livestock breeds do well on grass, an important factor in our natural farming system. We provide a quality, healthy, sustainable source of protein for our customers.
Our Mission is to produce the best quality meat in balance with our natural environment.

Our Message to You:

Ferndale Farms meat is produced to ensure that the animals are treated in a humane way throughout their lives and raised with the highest animal welfare standards. We rear our herd and flocks in a traditional manner producing healthy and contented animals, and so the finest all natural meat. The animals are fed on grass and clover, and this varied diet of natural pastures ensures our products have an exceptionally delicious flavor.

Ferndale Farms – Ferndale, California

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Telephone: (707) 845-0752

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