EPIC bar
Taylor Collins
Austin, Texas

How & Why I Started:

My partner and I are endurance athletes and paleolithic eaters. We quickly discovered there is a lack of conveniently packaged grass-fed and organic animal protein in the market. This problem always peaked when we would spend long days training or in the backcountry seeking adventure. In order to continue eating animal protein on the go, we were forced to choose between conventionally raised animal jerky and canned meats filled with preservatives. We refused to eat either and set out to create what would evolve into the modern day EPIC bar.

My Message to You:

EPIC specializes in creating meat based protein bars inspired by the powerful diets of our ancestors and deep-rooted evolutionary biology. We are the first and only company to produce 100% grass fed animal based protein bars. We have 3 flavors that include a Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar, a Beef Habanero Cherry Bar, and a Turkey Almond Cranberry Bar. We will be debuting a new Lamb Currant Mint Bar in August 2013! EPIC bars are low carbohydrate, gluten free, and paleo friendly. EPIC animals are 100% grass fed, humanely raised, and free of antibiotics and hormones. The end result is a savory, epic tasting, shelf stable bar that will fuel your most epic adventures.

EPIC bar – Taylor Collins

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Austin, Texas