Chomps Snack Sticks
Peter Maldonado
Whole30 Approved

How & Why We Started:

The concept for Chomps Snack Sticks came about when founder, Pete Maldonado, realized the type of garbage he was putting into his body for years when he ate his favorite snack growing up, Slim Jims. He started looking for a healthy alternative and found that there really wasn’t much out there. That’s when he decided he would just have to make it himself!

Our Message to You:

We at Chomps are dedicated to bringing you the healthiest and best tasting 100% Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks on the market! We put a lot of energy and thought into making sure our (short) ingredient list is free of any synthetic junk. There is no guess work involved when you decide to ‘chomp’. ; )

Chomps come in 2 flavors now, the classic Original Flavor and the new Hoppin’ Jalapeno. We suggest you try both!

New versions of Chomps are on the way, so be sure to keep an eye out for announcements on our website and social media accounts!

Chomps Snack Sticks

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