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How & Why We Started:

Our goal at 5280 Beef is to supply our customers with a high quality, healthy and affordable beef product. Our livestock graze exclusively in Meeker, Colorado and are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished. Our water is sourced from the White River and during the winter months, we utilize home grown hay. Our cattle roam free and are never confined to a feedlot. Our animals live in a healthy, low stressed environment and are NOT given growth hormones, supplements, or antibiotics. It is our attention to detail and consistent approach which results in a great tasting and healthy beef product.

Our Message to You:

Not all grass-fed beef products are grass-finished. When you walk the isles of your local supermarket, you probably have come across beef products that are labeled “grass-fed”. In fact, almost 100% of cattle in the U.S. are fed grass. All fine and good, but the question is, are they “grass-finished”? Unless the label states that the beef product has been “grass-fed and grass-finished”, there is a good chance the cow has been only “grass-fed”, which means it ate grass the first part of its life and was finished with grain. The most popular grain used today in feeding cattle is corn. Cows were not intended to eat corn! We have found in talking with the average consumer, the belief that when they buy a “grass-fed” product in the supermarket, that they are indeed getting a “grass-finished” product as well. This is where the misconception lies.

There are three important stages in a steer’s life:

  1. The weaning stage: when a calf is weaned off its mother’s milk and becomes independent, able to graze on grass and hay.
  2. The growth stage: where a calf begins to grow a frame. Typically, this stage is where a calf begins to grow up and out. During this stage the calf is grazing, eating grass and hay.
  3. The finishing stage: (This is where the misconception lies.) Many ranchers ship their “grass-fed beef” to feedlots. In these feedlots, the steers eat a ration of corn, or other grains, combined with hay, alfalfa, straw and other fillers. In addition, they receive supplements, antibiotics and vitamins to help keep illnesses at bay.

This is why our beef is different! At 5280 Beef™, we adhere to raising cattle the way nature intended. Our cattle roam free, are 100% grass-fed/100% grass-finished and are not given growth hormones, antibiotics, or vitamin supplements. The end result is a high quality and healthy beef product that is naturally better.

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