Two-Ingredient Pancakes
by The Domestic Man

When I saw this post from Russ Crandall, The Domestic Man, I have to say I was intrigued. I’ve made my share of pancakes using various recipes using either almond flour or coconut flour and all of them turn out good more or less. Some people recommend separating the yolk from the egg white and then whisking the egg whites to create a fluffier pancake. Others use ingredients like apple sauce or Greek yogurt to add moisture to what can be a very dry and course pancake.

With this post, Russ says you can make pancakes using two ingredients eggs (2) and a banana. While I love to play in the kitchen, I can also at times be incredibly lazy, so this recipe really interested me if for no other reason. I don’t always want to think about whisking egg whites or any other process that requires an extra dish or even more time — having three kids tends to do that to you. All of that being said, take a ripe banana and two eggs, throw it in a blender and voilà, you have a batter. Next, use your favorite griddle and make pancakes as you normally do. That’s all there is to it. No need for syrup as the banana is plenty sweet enough. They come out a little bit more like crepes, but they still do the trick and satisfy the urge for a pancake. I’ve played around a little with the recipe and added a tiny amount of coconut flour and that will really fluff these up, but if you are lazy at times like me, this recipe is perfect.

Excerpt from recipe author:

A while back I stumbled upon this recipe from Tina at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat! and knew that I had to try it for myself. Pancakes made with just eggs and a banana? Too good to be true. Turns out they’re very tasty and an interesting way to enjoy some of my favorite breakfast staples.

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