The Great Pizza Experiment
by Stuff I Make My Husband

Another blog for me (and you) to love, Stuff I Make My Husband. I don’t know much about the author as she’s kept a lot of her information private. Here’s what I do know from her short bio: “I’m a featherweight boxer who has to maintain her weight while fueling athletic performance. Oh yeah, and I’d like for the food I eat to be delicious, too.” Also, her name is Erica. Take a look around her blog, there are so many gluten-free recipes (most with a paleo/primal theme) to indulge in. I’ve already spent over an hour looking at this tonight :)

Now, the reason for this post and what attracted me in the first place; her post titled, The Great Pizza Experiment. Erica has taken 12 different traditional pizza crust alternatives, made every one of them, photographed them, and finally reviewed every last one of them. Among her test subjects, she’s included classics like the cauliflower pizza crust, the “meatza”, and one of my personal favorites, the zucchini crust pizza as well as some that I haven’t heard of before, like the spinach crust and the pork rinds crust. Thank you Erica!

Excerpt from recipe author:

The most popular page on my site, by far, is the photo tutorial for cauliflower pizza. Pizza seems to be the number one thing that people miss when they embark on any diet, but particularly when people decide to eat low-carb, gluten-free, and/or grain-free. Fortunately, there are many, many options out there for those missing their favorite treat. The cauliflower pizza has been my standby, but I started to wonder: which is the best option out there? So I got a crazy idea: I decided to make pizzas using every popular low-carb grain-free substitute and photograph, rank, and review them all…

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