Savory Vegetable Loaf Cake
by Gourmande in the Kitchen

I won’t deny it, I love eggs and anything to do with eggs. Whether it’s a frittata, a crustless quiche, or just a plain old omelette, I’m a happy man. I never in a million years would have though of making eggs into a loaf or a cake, but from the looks of this recipe from Sylvie Shirazi of Gourmande in the Kitchen, it looks like a fantastic idea. I love that it’s filled with tons of vegetables and is as easy to cook as it is to serve. You could even make this for your vegetarian friends (providing they eat eggs) and prove that ancestral health isn’t just about eating meat.

Excerpt from recipe author:

If you’re anything like me, when you see a recipe with the word “cake” in the title, you probably think “sweet” and “dessert”, but this is not that kind of cake.

This particular cake is filled to the brim with vegetables. Now, granted, there are plenty of vegetable cakes that fall into the sweet territory — like carrot cake and zucchini bread — but this is not one of them. This cake is entirely savory fare.

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