Rosemary Yam
or Sweet Potato Galette
by Gourmande in the Kitchen

I have a real love/hate relationship with sweet potatoes. The minute I see them or smell them, it goes right back to my childhood thinking of one of those casserole dishes filled with sweet potatoes and marshmallows — I can’t remember what that dish was called (nor do I really care to), but every time I saw it, I’d nearly lose it.

Now that I’m grown up (just a little), I have grown quite fond of sweet potatoes and use them regularly in my cooking. Everything from sweet potato fries in coconut oil to as a mixed in ingredient in my pancakes, but I never would have thought of making something like a galette like this from Sylvie Shirazi of Gourmande in the Kitchen. While this recipe looks rather easy and I will most definitely have to give it a try, I’m always a little nervous using a mandolin (I sliced my finger on more than a few occasions). Nevertheless, I will brave the blade again to give this a try as it looks that good.  It also doesn’t hurt that Sylvie is an awesome food photographer and she could make anything look amazing.

What are your thoughts on sweet potatoes and yams? What’s your favorite recipe using them?

Excerpt from recipe author:

Sweet potatoes and yams have invaded my kitchen. I’m hooked on the hardy tubers and there’s a giant, overflowing basket of them in my pantry that proves it.

Asian yams have been the darlings of my kitchen recently. The purple skinned roots are mild in taste and creamy white on the inside making them an ideal swap for regular potatoes in most recipes, but they really deliver in the company of good butter and a little heat.

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