Pumpkin Pie Shake
by Deliciously Organic

I’ve been a little obsessed lately with dishes that I’ll be bringing to Thanksgiving Dinner. I’ll be eating at a very large gathering at my brother’s house with many kids in attendance. From past experience, nothing makes these kid’s eyes open up faster than the ice cream, or better yet, milk shakes. They know that I won’t be bringing either of those, but I do think they’ll be surprised by this great idea for a Pumpkin Pie Shake from Carrie Vitt of Deliciously Organic. It’s not only delicious but a perfect choice for folks omitting sugar and dairy from their diets. While it’s not an everyday treat — it’s perfect for the kids or grown-ups for a holiday treat. With real food like this, it makes me wonder why people think our way of eating is so limiting.

Excerpt from recipe author:

Speaking of simple celebrations, I treated the girls with pumpkin shakes the other day and they were delighted. A blend of nourishing ingredients that taste like fall. Thick, creamy and cold. Sometimes I make it as an after-school snack, but you can make it for an easy breakfast or, topped with whipped cream, a nice dessert.

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