NY Style Paleo Pizza Crust
by Zenbelly

A grain-free pizza that you can actually hold! Yes, it really exists. I’ve posted quite a few pizza recipes here, but this is the first one that dares to compare itself to a New York style pizza. Those are some big promises, but if anyone can do it, it would be Chef Simone Shifnadel of Zenbelly Catering. I gave this a try just last night and it holds up to every claim she’s made and is sure to satisfy any skeptic who says they can’t do without the real thing. Yes, there are subtle differences, but if you’re focusing on a real food diet and you’re aware of what the real thing actually does to your health — then this is something to embrace. Give it a try, I’m certain that you’ll absolutely love it.

Excerpt from recipe author:

I was raised by two New Yorkers, and if they taught me anything, they taught me how to be a serious pizza snob. Pizza crust, done right, is not just a vehicle for the toppings and sauce and cheese. It IS the pizza. If the crust isn’t right, the pizza is not worth eating.

What was one the first thoughts I had when I realized I could no longer eat gluten? “Thank God I live in San Francisco, and not in New York” Seriously. The thought of resisting pizza there sounded way more like torture than resisting it here. I’ll be fine, I thought.

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