Nutreince Gummies
by Calton Nutrition

If you’ve ever been to the supermarket or to Costco (or any warehouse store for that matter) and looked into vitamins for kids, the list of ingredients that you’ll find in all the major brands is to say the least, hideous. I’ve seen brands with HFCS, with aspartame, as well as a list of chemicals that never seems to end. As with most things, a DIY solution will usually correct the problem through the use of quality ingredients — ingredients that promote health and not cutting corners with inferior ingredients to simply pad the bottom line of some disconnected corporate entity.

One such DIY solution to children’s vitamins (or for big kids like us) is this recipe from Primal Docs members Mira & Jayson Calton (Calton Nutrition). Simple quality ingredients make for vitamin that you can give your kids without guilt. Your kids will love them for the playful shapes as well as the delicious flavors.

Make sure you click through to their post as they offer a free sample of nutreince that you can use to make your very own gummies (using their recipe).

Excerpt from recipe author:

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