Grill Roasted Turkey
by The Domestic Man

This is a recipe from 2011 from Russ Crandall (The Domestic Man). It’s a bit unusual in terms of ways to prepare a Thanksgiving turkey, but I’m willing to bet the results are fabulous. Just make sure you heed Russ’ advice and stick to the smaller turkey sizes for this method as there’s nothing worse than an undercooked bird.

Excerpt from recipe author:

For Thanksgiving this year I tried my hand at roasting a turkey on the grill. The resulting bird was crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside, and only took a few minutes longer than roasting it in the oven. Also, adding woods chips imparts an authentic smokey flavor that really made the turkey stand out on the Thanksgiving table. Lastly, it frees up the oven for other endeavors!

Also, when grilling a turkey (or roasting it in the oven, for that matter), you want to use a v-rack (often called a roasting rack). We just started using one recently and it’s amazing how evenly it cooks the bird, since it allows air to circulate around the entire turkey. Depending on how your grill plates run, though, the v-rack may fall through the plates; to prevent this, put the v-rack on a grill pan.

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