Easy Dairy Free Paleo Chocolate Popsicles
by Grass Fed Girl

I’m the father of three children (ages 16, 12, and 10) and am constantly looking for ways to sneak real food into their diets wherever they’re not already getting it. They already get breakfast, lunch, and dinner from me and those are actually fairly easy to satisfy them with some truly fantastic meal options. But as with any kids who didn’t necessarily grow up eating this way, they still want their desserts and they still want ice cream, candy, and every other sugar-laden treat that you could possibly imagine. I know they indulge in these treats when I’m not around (and sometimes even when I am), but I do my best to balance me being both the good cop and the bad cop — needless to say, it’s no easy task.

When I see recipes like this from Caitlin Weeks, author of Grass Fed Girl, I get really excited. With ingredients like coconut milk, raw cocoa powder, and raw honey, I literally jump for joy. It’s a wonderful summer treat for the kids that they won’t roll their eyes at thinking that I’m giving them more of my weird food. If you have kids and you want a sweet summer treat (or if you just want one of these yourself), give this one a try — it’s sure to please even the most skeptical kid.

Excerpt from recipe author:

It is cold and foggy here in San Francisco but every once in while we get a sunny day where you want a Popsicle. I love chocolate fudgesicles so I got inspired to make these into in a dairy free version. They remind of a million boxes of Weight Watcher pops I used to eat with all the toxic aspartame. Now I can enjoy these creamy pops without frying my brain at the same time with chemicals! A win-win for everyone!

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