3 Ingredient Cinnamon Plantain Pancakes
by Zenbelly

Much in the same vein as Russ Crandall’s two ingredient pancakes, these three ingredient pancakes from Simone Shifnadel of Zenbelly Catering look amazingly tasty and even better, really easy. As anyone who knows me, I love to cook, but more times than not, I just want to throw something together with minimal fuss. These pancakes fit the easy and delicious bill perfectly and needless to say, I’m sold.

Excerpt from recipe author:

I love the idea of recipes so simple that they fit on an index card with the picture of the finished product. This is a perfect example, and has almost limitless variation potential.

Add chocolate chips, nuts, shredded coconut, fresh fruit; whatever your heart desires. Or just leave them plain and top with some grassfed butter.

Keep the heat to medium-low when frying up these babies, to ensure they cook through and don’t burn. Feel free to share this image with anyone you think could use more simple recipes in their life!

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