The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough by Anne Angelone

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The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough explores the importance of applying the Paleo autoimmune protocol along with treatment strategies from Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics to significantly alter the course of your autoimmune condition. It is inspired by the evolving discussion about how food speaks to your genes and the usefulness of a Paleo Diet to ultimately create optimal immune regulation.

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The dietary template provided in this book is designed to rapidly reduce inflammation and heal intestinal permeability (leaky gut). To calm down your immune/inflammatory response and allow your gut to heal, you’ll need to remove the major offending foods (including eggs, grains, alcohol, nightshades, nuts, seeds, seed based oils and spices, legumes, and dairy) for at least 30 days. This is an upgrade from grain based elimination diets and the most direct, accurate and efficient way to heal a leaky gut and halt autoimmune reactions. Indeed, this is an advanced elimination diet which requires patients to be motivated and disciplined. Luckily this becomes easier and worth it as you recover your health!. Easily access to The Autoimmune Paleo Breakthrough on your phone with Kindle, and iBook apps. Or just click on PDF for immediate download.

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