Paleo Pop-Up
with Chef Simone Shifnadel
Date: TBD
Location: San Francisco, CA

Do you (or did you used to) enjoy eating out? Do you find it difficult to order because of not knowing what’s in the food being served? It’s a common problem for folks who are following an ancestral/paleo/primal diet out of necessity or those following it by choice. Now’s your chance to rest easy and enjoy food the way it was meant to be eaten…

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All menu items will be free of dairy, grains, gluten, soy, corn,
sugar (cane) and legumes

All food & beverages will be locally sourced

Menu created by Primal Docs Resource Member Simone Shifnadel

You'll receive a goody bag with paleo & primal treats and discount coupons for select products ($100 value)

- The Menu -


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• Second Course •


 • Third Course •


- More About Chef Simone Shifnadel -

Simone Montage

2012 Paleo Pop Up in San Francisco — photos courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo

Simone Shifnadel started Zenbelly Catering in 2008 simply because she loved feeding people great food. Shortly after, she learned that she had to eliminate gluten from her life, which isn’t easy for anyone, never mind someone in the food industry. A few years and several inner battles later, she transitioned her business into a 100% gluten-free company, specializing in grain-free and paleo cuisine. It was the best decision she'd ever made. She'd been the person at the party who couldn't eat anything, and was committed to making sure that there will be none of those people at the parties she caters. She loves nothing more than hearing “I can eat that?!”, when people are presented with food that would normally be off the table for them. Food is love! It should bring joy to your heart and health to your body.

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We're excited to partner with 5280 Beef, Paleo Magazine, and PaleoFX to bring you this event. Check out their sites for some truly great products, services, or events.

5280 Grass-Fed Beef
Paleo Magazine

Due to the nature of these events, we are unable to make substitutions. The menu is free of dairy, grains, gluten, soy, corn, sugar (cane) and legumes. While we are not able to refund tickets, you are welcome to gift them to a friend. Menu is subject to change. Primal Supper reserves the right to cancel event due to lack of interest (in this case, all tickets sold would be refunded in full). 

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