Food Rules

Food Rules
by Catherine Shanahan, MD

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The simplest, most adaptable approach to ancestral health.

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118 easy-to-read, easy to grasp rules that will revive your metabolism by eliminating the two biggest pro-inflammatory offenders (which are NOT gluten and dairy, surprise!) while adding back the Four Pillars of World Cuisine –the four categories of foods consumed by ancestral people’s of the world throughout recorded history and into present day.

Be ready to finish the book in a few hours! Short but sweet, it has inspired kitchen makeovers and enabled countless readers to drop pounds and prescriptions.

If you have limited time to download key information, this is the book for you!

If you want a deeper understanding of all the details on how why Dr Cate does not make the blanket prescription to avoid dairy and gluten, and how the shape of your body today depends on things like your birth order and what your mother ate during pregnancy, read her other book: Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Foods.

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