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Physicians and healthcare practitioners who opt for the “Featured Member” option will be eligible for the benefits listed below.

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With over 220,000 page views monthly (over 120,000 unique visitors), being listed on Primal Docs will get you attention.

All members receive free a listing on the Primal Docs  “Find a Primal Doc” directory. Featured members will have their image and a link to their profile featured in a randomized slideshow on the home page. The image will appear in the first five slides over 20,000 times per month.

Have you written a book? All Primal Docs members can submit their books to be listed in the Primal Docs bookstore on the Primal Docs website, as well as share it on Primal Docs' social media sites. Featured members will have their approved books featured on the home page.

Primal Docs members are eligible to submit articles for the Primal Docs blog. Approved blog posts are posted on the Primal Docs website and shared on Primal Docs' social media sites for extra exposure.

Speaker Representation

Primal Docs frequently gets requests for speakers at events around the world. With our fantastic roster of over 700 healthcare professionals and independent businesses, it's no wonder. We're offering a platform for featured members to showcase their talents as speakers and to have Primal Docs market them to conferences, hospital wellness events, university events, and corporate wellness seminars. The best thing about it is that unlike most speaker's bureau's out there, Primal Docs won't ask for a commission :)

Promote Your Events (those related to ancestral health)

Whether you're hosting a workshop, a retreat, or even your next speaking engagement, let the Primal Docs community know about it. Not only will you be getting your event in front of the people that are most likely to attend, but you'll also be getting it in front of a group that likes to help spread the word.

Member to Member Outreach

More networking opportunities with the Primal Docs membership. Whether you're letting colleagues know about a new website, subleasing office space, or just sharing ideas — you can have an email sent to the 700+ members in the Primal Docs network.

Members on the Move

Many of our members travel a lot. Whether it's for a conference, a speaking engagement, or professional networking, it can be really nice to piggy back multiple events on any given trip. With the Members on the Move section, you're essentially letting your colleagues know that you'll be in town on a specific date and that you're available for any local projects that might come up.

List Job Opportunities

If you find yourself in a position to hire more staff members in your office, getting that listing out in front of an audience that is passionate about ancestral health is a great way to improve the quality of the applicants.


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$30 monthly

$250 for 1 year (save $110)

$600 for 3 years (save $480)

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What People Are Saying About a Primal Docs Membership


"Primal Docs is a Valuable Resource! Luckily, more and more doctors are understanding the importance of paying attention to the principles of ancestral health and wellness. But finding them can be a challenge. Thanks to it's becoming easier every day."

Mark Sisson
Mark's Daily Apple

"Primal Docs is an excellent and well-managed website, offering valuable resources to any professional with an interest in evolutionary medicine. My favorite aspect of the website is the shared content, which is almost always of interest to me. The site has also been an excellent source for referrals, both to my practice and for patients seeking doctors in other areas. "

Deborah Gordon, MD
Ashland, OR

"Primal Docs has been an excellent resource to get information about myself and my business out to patients. The investment I have made, has paid for itself in only a few short months."

Dr. Justin Marchegiani, DC
Silicon Valley, CA

"Primal Docs is a great way to spread the word about what you do. Featured membership is a must to enhance your exposure. Since working with Chris my new client encounters have increased by almost 30%! Chris is passionate about redefining nutrition and spreading the word."

Dr. Jeffry Gerber, MD
Denver, CO

"Being a featured member in Primal Docs has given me exposure that I wouldn't have had otherwise. It is a great way to reach like-minded patients."

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, DO
Newport News, VA

"Most integrative practitioners have added their name to a list here or there. When Primal Docs came to be, I immediately saw something different. I saw not simply a list, but a living, growing community created and developed specifically for people like me. No site or organization works so hard for me. The effort is palpable. Being a featured member brings a myriad of benefits which seems to improve every time I look. When I need to find a referral, I look through the featured members of Primal Docs first."

Dr. Corey Schuler, DC
Bloomington, MD

If you’re already a featured member, just get in touch with me and I’ll get you set up with everything you need. If you’re not a featured member, upgrade your account today and I’ll get you set-up within a few days.

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