Embrace the Wild
with Arthur Haines
Date: Coming in 2014
Location: Canton, ME

Join wildcrafter and Ancestral Lifeways mentor Arthur Haines for a weekend of reconnection. During this uniquely structured class, students will participate in a number of activities designed to heal, nourish, and strengthen the individual.

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The event will center on wild plants and the various avenues through which they can empower those willing to rewild themselves. Wild food will be a focus and participants will contribute to meals with plants they gather.

Many people interested in native plants never get to see real wild food abundance. Arthur will be sharing private gathering areas that reveal a profusion of powerful plants for cleansing, cancer prevention, and building health (including an area that was historically tended by the local indigenous people).

Another emphasis of the weekend will be wildcrafting various plants to create compound medicines that will synergistically strengthen the immune system, build resistance to stress, and increase defense against environmental contamination. Specific plants will also be gathered to enhance and tone the reproductive systems (with gender-specific medicines).

The weekend will incorporate various ceremonies to foster expression and balance the development of new awareness. The event is being designed to provide a weekend of deep nutrition alongside activities that will nurture organ system function and bolster different modes of cognition. If you are looking for an event that is spent simply discussing uses of wild plants, this is not the appropriate class for you (i.e., portions of the weekend will be spent observing and practicing ritual). Participants will be asked to push physical boundaries and be openly expressive during ceremony.

NOTE: due to the nature of this event, it will be limited to 8 participants, creating an intimate setting for heightened learning. Meals will be prepared by traditional chef Frank Giglio. The class will be located in Canton, Maine, at the Delta Institute of Natural History. It will operate regardless of the local conditions (though various activities may be modified to accommodate inclement weather). Camping is available on the property.

Arthur Montage

Primal Supper reserves the right to cancel event due to lack of interest (in this case, all tickets sold would be refunded in full). 

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