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Jess Fisk
Nutritionist & Exercise Consultant
Perth, Western Australia

Throughout my education & career I am forever seeing public nutrition recommendations for health that appear to be based upon biased science, often motivated by food and pharmaceutical companies. I believe much of our health problems are stemmed from some of these profit driven guidelines

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Luke Smith, DC
Bassendean, Western Australia

Paleo to me is one of the cornerstones of health and wellness. It means robust nutrition, anti-inflammatory, metabolism normalising, blood sugar stabilising and generally a very well informed group of people.

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Jennifer Matthews, ND
Kelmscott, Western Australia

The Primal/Paleo Diet is the one nutritional platform that makes the most sense. After all, what doesn’t make sense about eating real food. Every time I integrate more and more of this real food into my diet I feel proud and I know I am doing something good for my health.

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Claire Yates
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner
Perth, Western Australia

I am a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner with a passion for nutritional health, based on evolutionary principles. I specialise in Nutritional Medicine for weight management and chronic lifestyle disease. I believe in inspiring people through education and the use of functional medicine…

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