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Meredith Kinsel-Ziter, NTP
Williston, Vermont

By addressing root causes of illness from an ancestral perspective, the challenges we face with our health begin to make sense. I believe in helping clients to honor their evolutionary history, while living in a modern world. I weave together analysis of both “nature” and “nurture”…

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Michelle Kruse, FDN
Montpelier, Vermont

We are not just from the earth, but of the earth. Your creator crafted you perfectly to live on the planet in harmony. The human body is wonderfully adaptive and has powerful mechanisms in place to keep in a perfect state of homeostasis or balance.

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Melanie Christner
GAPS & Nutritional Therapy
Ripton, Vermont

It makes sense to me that we go back to the template of a diet that propelled our genetics and intelligence forward. The modern diet of processed convenience foods is dragging us backwards and leads to miscommunication with our genes.

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Chris Decker, ND
Brattleboro, Vermont

Here’s the way I look at it. For 2.5 million years, we humans ate quite well–gourmet, even!–and, if we could out-fox the gosh-darned saber-toothed tiger, we lived decent, healthy lives as a result. We ate a diet that we were genetically adapted to and that served us in good stead. Also, just to mention it, […]

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