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Rogan Pillay, MD
Pretoria, South Africa

Evolution is not a rapid process – our physiology is being left behind.

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Margo de Kooker, MD
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

My philosophy is that real health starts with real food, produced with care, eaten with gratitude and used as fuel for a purposeful life. My purpose is to teach as many people as I can about the simple changes they can make to be healthier.

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Hennie Palm, MA
Kloof, South Africa

All chronic disease is caused by three factors, namely inflammation, oxidation and auto-immune response. All three are directly linked to modern diets high in refined carbohydrates, processed foods, chemical additives and toxic environments.

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Sally-Ann Creed
Nutritional Therapist
Cape Town, South Africa

My passion is to help people reach optimum health, whether overweight or generally experiencing ill health of any kind. Published author of 5 books including brand new best seller (with 3 other authors) The Real Meal Revolution, published by Quivertree.

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Terence Wulfsohn
Durban, South Africa

The Primal diet is essential to health and vitality. It is the only way to maintain a good body weight with a favorable muscle composition. I am more of Paleo vegetarian, using Virgin Coconut oil to achieve High Natural fat. I have been using natural fats since 1992 in my diet.

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Greg Venning, DC
Cape Town, South Africa

The paleo template is a good tool for going beyond treating diseases and for helping people to create a pure and sufficient lifestyle based on our genetic requirements…

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