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Paul Mosier, L.Ac.
Amherst, New Hampshire

Ancestral health, to me, involves understanding the worldviews & practices of ancient cultures and peoples, and using that knowledge to better inform healthy & practical living in today’s world. It is not about allowing history or our conceptualized ideal life to trump scientific understanding…

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Joe Tepper, DC
Epsom, New Hampshire

Finally in the nutrition world we are using the innate intelligence that permeates us all. Rather then looking at only what a food product contains for measurable nutrients, regardless of bioavailability, we are scanning back through the pages of history (the best we can)

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Jennifer Dickert, RD, LD
Dover, New Hampshire

The paleo diet just makes sense to me: a million of years of human evolution can’t be wrong. I’ve worked with a lot of food allergies and intolerances, and time and again the same foods keep popping up as problems: wheat, dairy, corn and soy. I think it’s no coincidence these are the very foods […]

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Christopher Oswald, DC
Bedford, New Hampshire

I believe that the primal/paleo diet is a fundamental aspect of having a truly anti-inflammatory diet. All grains and dairy products that are eaten result in an increase in the levels of inflammation throughout the body. The paleo diet is one that is based on evolution and what our body has been designed to eat. […]

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