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Anna Rose-McComb, NTP
Missoula, Montana

I believe that a diet rich in nutrient-dense foods, sourced as close to the ground and animal as possible, promote and support optimal health and performance. It is my goal to help clients regain a healthful balance that is too often derailed and disrupted by the map-effects of the Standard American Diet…

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Nancy Patterson, ND
Great Falls, Montana

I feel that nature provides the answer to health and well being. If that were not true the human race would not still be viable today. Those who explored the wonders of life and sought to understand how they interact are our greatest teachers.

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Elizabeth Axelrod, ND
Missoula, Montana

If you don’t provide the nourishment needed to heal the body, all other efforts are not likely to be successful. Food choices based on the primal/paleo wisdom is the basis of our food plan in the vast majority of situations.

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Michael Lang, ND
Bozeman, MT

Diet is the basis of our overall health. A primal diet is key for many, especially if type O blood. Modification needs to be made for type A blood and spiritual vegetarians, about 1/3 the population of the planet.

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Janelle Holden
Coach & Consultant
Livingston, Montana

I believe that many people with chronic conditions or diseases could be helped by following a paleo diet, particularly people with celiac disease. My own health and life have been transformed by sticking to a paleo diet, and I’ve seen it in numerous clients as well.

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Jennifer Hawes, NMD
Kalispell, Montana

Food is medicine! What goes in really counts so why not optimize health through nutrition? I believe that grains/legumes have been a major contributor to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease, and more. Our country is on a suicide mission with all the processed crap and sugar we consume…maybe it is survival of the fittest […]

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