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Gary Merel, MS, L.Ac.
Ann Arbor, Michigan

You have probably spent most of your life eating food that isn’t ‘real’. We are a culture literally swamped by processed foods that come in boxes, plastic wrap and bags. This has become a way of life for so many Americans…

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Ellen Kahn, ND, PhD
West Bloomfield, Michigan

I believe in the paleo diet if an individual feels good on it. I definitely believe we are all biologically individual and have to ensure that how we are eating is maintaining our optimal health. I certainly believe in letting food be our first medicine.

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Jessica Nagelkirk, ND
Marquette, Michigan

Inflammation is the common thread for nearly all chronic diseases. When inflammation is left unchecked, the body is unable to function optimally on a cellular level. Over time, this leads to physical damage. As a physician, I have witnessed the reversal of chronic diseases

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Jennifer Bonde, DC
Birmingham, Michigan

I embrace the primal/paleo diet and lifestyle and am so glad that I can offer a sound, sensible program to my patients. I have paleo-themed books in stock and for sale at my facility and also host expert paleo guest speakers.

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Anne Baker, CN, LE
Auburn Hills, Michigan

I have personally resolved many of my own chronic health issues such as migraine headaches; rosacea; joint pain; chronic fatigue and constipation by making significant changes to my diet. These include removing gluten from my diet

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Michael Rykse, DC
Waterford, Michigan

I feel that many families are deciding to take charge of their health and have to find a new path to do so. Our current model of sickness care is not giving families the proper tools and education and change is needed. I feel the healthcare crisis is not going to be solved in Washington…

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