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Lowell Gerber, MD
Freeport, Maine

The principles of Ancestral Health provide the foundation for health restoration and for achieving optimal health throughout our life span.

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Julianne Forbes, ND
Bridgton, Maine

The best thing for reducing inflammation, weight, blood sugar and thereby most of the chronic illnesses plaguing our modern society today.

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Peter Wright, NTP, CGP
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

My lifelong passion for the natural world and the wisdom of the indigenous cultures finds validation in the teachings of the Weston A Price Foundation and shapes his holistic approach to health and healing.

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Brett VanCott, L.Ac.
Manchester, Maine

Processed food will be the death of us. Food is medicine and good digestion is the root of health.

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Richard Maurer, ND
Portland, Maine

While I do think that we humans have adapted to dietary changes since the Stone Age, I appreciate the dietary and fitness ideas that come to people from the popularized “paleolithic diet”. This diet has given people permission to live without grains and therefore obviously no bread.

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Verne Weisberg, MD
Portland, Maine

I am a Plastic Surgeon who was frustrated with the number of people who came to me as a last resort in their weight problems. They couldn’t lose by conventional dieting and exercise, so thought that liposuction or tummy tuck would get rid of the problem. I committed to my own self education, having personally […]

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