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Arwen Podesta, MD
New Orleans, Louisiana

There is more and more clinical evidence that diet is inextricably linked to health and well-being. I work with patients on nutritional choices, supporting them in what works best for each individual.

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Marie Pace, ND
Lafayette, Louisiana

Paleo “way of life” is obviously one of the healthiest means of eating. It’s vital to lower inflammation in the body and a correct pale diet will accomplish this!

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Kyle Daigle, DC
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Our source of fuel for our body is dependent on what we put in it. With this being said, I personally feel that a diet rich in vital nutrients is essential to maintain health as well as for prevention. One of the main reasons we are have so many chronic diseases is because of the […]

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Lucy Douglas, FNP
Ruston, Louisiana

Healthcare in this country is in a miserable mess, and the reason for the heinous increase in healthcare spending is not because of people with cancer or the costs associated with caring for those who’ve experienced tragic accidents, The high costs are directly related to the tragic, rampant disease of obesity, plain and simple.

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Morley Robbins
Certified Welness Coach
Hammond, Louisiana

I’m a firm believer in eating the way my great-great-great-grandparents (and those before them…) It is a decided challenge in these days of toxins, disinformation, and an empty harvest known as the commercial food system.

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Ricky Philips
Nurse Practitioner
Kenner, Louisiana

There can be no doubt that a poor diet and lack of physical activity are major contributors to the majority of chronic disease. Our modern diet of highly refined and processed foods not only goes against our genetic code, but is full of allergenic and anti-nutrient substances. The best place to start when it comes […]

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