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Alexis Shields, ND
Rome, Italy

I am an expert in a drug-free, natural approach to healing the body. Office visits are longer than the traditional medical visit in order to gain a full understanding of the underlying cause of your symptoms.

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Annamaria Lerario
Biologa Nutrizionista
Polignano, Italy

Ho trovato nella Paleo-diet la soluzione ad una molteplicità di disturbi di salute, potendola quindi considerare come la base essenziale del corretto stile di vita umano per eccellenza.

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Silvia Sanfilippo, MD
Bologna, Italy

Ho abbracciato subito i principi della Paleo Diet. Non la credo una semplice dieta ma molto di più, una forma mentis che porta ad uno stile di vita esemplare ed in più applicabile pressoché ad ogni tipologia di paziente.

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Francesco Balducci, MD
Genova, Italy

A paleo diet is the best antiaging diet because it fights chronic silent inflammation!

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Andrea Luchi, MD
Grosseto, Italy

I really think the path to health is to follow lifestyle laws validated by millions of years of evolution. That is the starting point to try to regain and maintain health and longevity. DIet is the main weapon in this search along with sleep and stress reduction.

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Fabio Piccini, MD
Rimini, Italy

As the co-founder and webmaster of the oldest Italian website on eating disorders, (now a non-profit organisation), I have focused my around twenty years of counseling, consulting, teaching, training, and publication-writing on three main fields of strictly-related specialisation: eating disorders, mood disorders and personality disorders…

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