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Tobi Panter, RHN, R.Ac. AHG
Duncan, British Columbia

I have a passion for encouraging clients to eat real food, and I especially like busting the myth that saturated fat is bad. With a sweet tooth myself, I offer recipes for natural, primal sugar-free ways to satisfy that dessert craving.

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Sara Kinnon, ND
West Vancouver, British Columbia

I have been exposed to a variety of opinions and cases over the course of my practice. Never have I seen such profound improvement than for those who a adopt a real food, primal/paleo diet. We are so heavily influenced by media…

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Allegra King
Nutritional Therapist
West Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s not only important to eat a wide variety of nutrient-dense foods, but it’s important to balance macronutrients for individual needs and metabolic type. It’s also equally important to get outside, get sunshine, move your body and incorporate a mindful practice in your life! We have a lot to learn from our ancestors!

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Mélanie DesChâtelets, ND
Burnaby, British Columbia

Food first. Going back to whole foods is key to good health. Primal/paleo diet is the strictest form of this. For some I have seen weight loss and healing occur only when the return of primal diet was reincorporated.

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Lise Maltais, ND
Comox, British Columbia

As a Naturopathic Doctor, I believe I am in a great position to teach people about paleo. I hope to be able to reach as many people as I can, in a safe and non judgemental manner.

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