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Chelsea Gronick, ND, RHN
Calgary, Alberta

I focus on using a plant-rich Paleo and Primal diet that is individualized to my patients. I’m open minded that nutritional needs vary from person to person, and try to make decisions that are both based in science…

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Barb Herbert, RHN
Edmonton, Alberta

My interest in nutrition began as I earnestly started to rebel against my lifelong weight problem. It is at this point that I realized that there was a lot more misinformation out there than good information, along with a steady stream of ‘helpful experts’ ready to capitalize on my (our) desperate desire to lose weight…

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Christine Reinhart, BSc, MSc, PhD, DC
Lethbridge, Alberta

I believe in educating patients in all aspects of health, and as such, administer evidence-informed, integrated, therapy and nutrition consulting, Nutrition, and in particular the paleo/primal approach to nutrition, plays a critical role in the healing process as well as one’s overall quality of life…

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