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Michael Tremba, DC
Mobile, Alabama

Research shows us that when we live how we’re designed, our bodies function at an optimal level-full of health, vitality, and vibrance. Through a primal/paleo lifestyle, filled with proper exercise, nutrition, play, and rest…

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Martin Bryant, DC
Huntsville, Alabama

You cannot improve on nature.

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Peter Jensen, MD
Florence, Alabama

Scientifically and philosophically the healthiest way to live. Eat low carb high fat. Run in “primal”, natural, barefoot type shoes, ie Vivo barefoot brand barefoot style shoes.

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Marian Leigh St. Petery, DO
Harpersville, Alabama

The gut and nutrition are critical for overall health. Food is the number one way to get your heath under control and get off medications and feel better. Paleo/primal diet is the most energizing and satisfying way to gain optimal health. Isomg it has brought me the most success and enjoyment in both my personal […]

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Lee Goldenberg, DC
Birmingham, Alabama

I counsel patients to eat as few refined foods as possible. Meat and veggies are what fuels the system, and it promotes healing. In my field, I have to teach these things so patients get better faster, and since paleo is much more mainstream and common now, they understand why I recommend this way of […]

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