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Tyson Austin, DC
Rogers, Arkansas

A little bit about me:

I am Doctor of Chiropractic that truly believes in the holistic approach to healthcare. I believe that optimal health and human function is attainable if you keep your body’s biomechanics working properly and fuel the body with the appropriate nutrition. I have huge passion for both of these facets of health and truly believe when they are applied patients start having the amazing life they were meant to have. I, like a lot of paleo followers, love teaching and doing functional exercise training, as it always keeps me interested. I also teach Anatomy and Physiology at the local college, as well as maintain a full-time functional medicine and chiropractic clinic.

My Philosophy:

I absolutely believe that the Paleo diet and lifestyle is the only way to live. I recommend it to every one of my patients, friends, family and students. Whenever you give the body real food, problems start going away. Also, once you really get into the Paleo lifestyle, you look back and wonder why in the heck you were eating that other stuff that is mis-labeled as food. But from a functional medicine/nutrition standpoint the basics of the Paleo diet/plan has always been brought up as staple for obtaining optimal health and symptom elimination. The only caveat, I would add is that it is occasionally necessary to mildly modify the general Paelo diet IF the patient doesn’t respond as favorably as desired within a reasonable timeframe. When I say modification, I mean elimination of certain foods that could be potentially problematic for people, with the main one being dairy. Outside of that, Paleo is exactly what the world’s food pyramid should look like, as grains have no place in our diet.

Tyson Austin, DC

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Telephone: (405) 612-1681

5204 Village Parkway, Suite 8
Rogers, Arkansas 72758

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