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Sandra Brougher, HHC, AADP
Georgetown, Texas

A little bit about me:

Sandra Brougher is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and a Board Certified Health Coach. She specializes in functional and holistic nutrition, focusing and supporting the body as a whole.

She received her education and training from the Nutritional Therapy Association and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Sandra also holds certification as a Transformational Coach using the Neuro-linguistic Method.

Her belief that whole foods provide the medicine we need to obtain optimal health is what guides her mission and goal to help others renew whole health with support, education and accountability.

My Philosophy:

The science and studies behind the Paleo/Primal diet, are indisputable.

By and large, our society is lacking in many essential vitamins and minerals that are needed to promote good health.

With our bodies lacking in much need nutrients and our diet being high in grains which lead to internal inflammation, it is no wonder that society has an obesity problem as well as a high rate of chronic illnesses.

The Paleo diet addressed these problems by eliminating the offending foods. Grains, legumes and sugar. Allowing the body to once again absorb and assimilate much need micro-nutrients and reduce inflammation allows healing to begin.

Because the Paleo diet eliminates sugars and grains, our body is once again able to return to be being a fat-adpated body vs. a glucose adapted body. This allows an individual to shed the excess weight and fat that they have been caring around.

The results I have seen with myself, my daughter and clients, make it very clear that the Paleo diet is sure thing.

Sandra Brougher, HHC, AADP

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Telephone: (512) 736-9351

700 Young Ranch Road
Georgetown, TX 78633

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