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Rika Keck, FDN
New York, New York

A little bit about me:

I am passionate about healthy eating with respect to biochemical individuality and individual needs. Additionally, I have an extensive background in exercise and post-rehabilitation exercise.( I enjoy skiing, biking and hiking.)

As a Holistic Health Coach, I investigate food allergies, hidden immune and gut challenges, adrenal fatigue-related hormonal imbalances, using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and self-testing. I do collaborate with like-minded physicians, implementing nutrition and lifestyle programs.

My emphasis is also on education. I am a motivated Health Speaker, appearing on expert panels in NYC.

As a consultant, my goal is to investigate chronic challenges that affects my client’s physical, mental and psychological wellbeing. Symptoms include skin disorders, leaky-gut, microbial infections, PMS/ Menopause concerns, weight management, sleep problems, chronic pain.

Complementary nutritional guidance with chronic diseases and pre-pregnancy nutrition and detoxification are part of my practice.

My Philosophy:

I am passionate about creating healing opportunities, educating and exciting my client’s and providing hope that change for the better is within their reach – and results certainly provide the motivation!.

I do believe the body’s innate desire to heal – if we provide the optimal nutrition, stress reduction, optimization of digestion and decreasing inflammatory triggers.

Compassion, education, knowledge and coaching are key components to support and facilitate holistic healing from a mind-body perspective.

Rika Keck, FDN

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Telephone: (646) 285-8588

310 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10023

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