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Michele Chevalley Hedge, Nutritionist
Health Writer & Presenter
Sydney, New South Wales

A little bit about me:

“Modern Day Nutritionist’ … when the leading editor of Australia’s leading health publication first introduced me as” Michele is the modern day nutritionist who believes that good food is the foundation of our mental, emotional and physical health and can be done withOUT extremes”…. I thought that summed me up perfectly!

My Philosophy:

Sugar is the cause of many of today’s health issues… much more so than fat ever was or ever will be. We are seeing how hidden sugar effect children and adult’s cognitive abilities, emotional resilience, and physical bodies every day in our clinic, at school talks and with our corporate clients.

Educating our patients and clients about the ease of a primal/paleo diet has lead to successful changes in blood glucose levels, weight management, acid/alkaline ratios, digestive conditions, skin health, energy levels, hormonal balancing and even libido !

Michele Chevalley Hedge, Nutritionist

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Telephone: 0299604561

30 Lower Almora Street
Mossman, NSW 2088

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