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Melanie Angelis
Holistic Health Specialist
Pensacola, Florida

A little bit about me:

For years, I suffered from a variety of food allergies and health conditions. Eventually, I was introduced to natural medicine and the smart way to listen to my body. Years of self education and formal research eventually led me to restored health, and I knew it wasn’t just for me. With a new sense of purpose, I called upon her degrees and board certification in alternative medicine and nutrition and began teaching others how to find their own path to holistic health. Thanks to my previous experience as a school teacher, I began creating content and teaching classes varying in complexity from lectures to doctors and nurses to hands-on natural health workshops.

Today, I help clients transform their lives with an easy and down to earth approach. Whether you are currently battling illness or looking to take the next step in maintaining your health, you will find answers and simple solutions at The Grecian Garden. I perform personal health consultations for a variety of ailments and is combining my story with the latest research in my upcoming book The Grecian Garden: Where Diets, Calories, and Food Allergies Don’t Exist, published by Indigo River.

My Philosophy:

Traditional cultures maintained healthy guts with probiotics–preserving food by fermentation. They revered nutrient dense foods as sacred, reserving them for preconception health in times of scarcity. We need to change the culture and eat, play, and work our way to wellness rather than medicate away our fear of chronic disease.

Melanie Angelis, Holistic Health Specialist

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Telephone: (850) 912-6996

2475 East Nine Mile Road
Suite E
Pensacola, Fl 32514

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