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Larry Silber, DC
Seattle, Washington

A little bit about me:

I have had a lifelong passion for improving my own and others’ wellness. I am a competitive athlete and currently following a paleo lifestyle. I do a lot of educational talks out in the community and strive to spread the word of preventative health and natural healing to all I meet.

My Philosophy:

The paleo diet has made a great difference in my life in terms of my own health and athletic performance and in the lives of my patients. One of the foundational areas that needs to be addressed for most people is Gut health. I have found that by starting people off on an anti-inflammatory/paleo-type diet have many people have experienced dramatic improvements in their health, just by incorporating this one change. I believe 70% of the success people have in their healing occurs with the changes in their diet and a whole foods/paleo diet has been across the board the most successful tool for the most people.

Larry Silber, DC

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Telephone: (206) 441-7984

2609 5th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121

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