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Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND
Food & Lifestyle Expert
Yardley, Pennsylvania

A little bit about me:

As a longtime whodunit mystery buff, it’s no wonder that I embarked on a career in health and nutrition. My chosen field, in fact, is all about solving things. Rather than a whodunit, though, it’s more of a whatdunit for me, as in what is causing people’s health to fail.

In one word, I believe it’s “food.”

A nutritionist, a mother of two young sons, a wife and a woman passionate about words (I’ve written five books and the sixth is on the way), I aim to make this generation and the next generation of kids the most educated about food and health ever.

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and started my career in health in 1996, running a family-based practice in the Philadelphia area that focused on nutrition. I help my patients build strong, healthy bodies through good nutrition.

My first foray into discovering how food affects health was while working with a professional trainer who focused on physical fitness and nutrition. I had entered a fitness/bodybuilding contest and enlisted the trainer to help me become more competitive.

The first thing he told me was to do away with wheat and gluten, which was an unconventional idea at that time. The results? I not only lost body fat and gained energy, but also was able to overcome a few nagging health issues, almost immediately.

Fast-forward a few decades to 2004. and I, ever the detective, found myself seeking out even more solutions to complement what I already knew and practiced. The answer for many of my patients and me: PUT REAL FOODS FIRST.

When I sent to school in Europe, there were only two Americans in my class. Boy did I learn about cultural nutrition. It’s incredible. My teacher, from Russia, said, ‘My country is poor; they can’t afford $400 supplements every time they go to the doctor. We treat people with raw materials, as in food!’ It’s all about food. I never lost that thought. People think they need to leave the doctor’s office with a prescription or pills or supplements in their hands. I have to retrain my patients. It all starts with food, nothing but food.

As an author for Wiley Publishing, I co-wrote the Paleo based health book, Boosting Your Immunity for Dummies, and Living Paleo for Dummies, Paleo Workouts for Dummies, and wrote the Paleo Cookbook for Dummies. Beyond my practice, I co-own Best of Organic, a wellness holding company that is comprised of several health- and wellness-related businesses. Super Kids Wellness ( and Paleo 101 ( are two of those endeavors. I am also the author of the primal based website,

My Philosophy:

Simple, simple, simple is my eating mantra and what I convey to my readers, patients, clients, family, etc. Eat simple, unprocessed whole foods with the highest nutritional density. Grassroots eating is the way we’re designed to eat. And it’s not difficult. It clears the clutter and takes the confusion out of everything. There’s nothing to figure out.

I tell my patients all the time that their genes are not their destiny, their choices are. I believe that choosing real foods can absolutely slow aging, enhance enjoyment of life, increase energy and heal a number of illnesses.

These foods include lean meats, vegetables, healthy fats, fruits, nuts and seeds — the foods we are actually meant to eat. I also eschew dairy, grains, legumes and sugar. This is a diet that our bodies and cells understand — the science is there. Foods found in nature are the foods our bodies were designed to eat.

I’ve looked at genetics, biochemistry and anthropology in great detail and I, like many other Paleo proponents, believe that we were given our coding many eons ago — our genes have been stable since hunter-gatherer days.

As a successful nutritionist/author, I recommend the Paleo diet to all of my clients and patients, knowing it can and does change their lives. I’m getting older and yet I have tons of energy, but it’s not because I’m stronger than anyone or have more willpower. It’s just about training yourself to eat right. Willpower is earned, not given. It’s from practice and doing it over and over again.

I also believe that non-Paleo diets fail because they don’t address the “sugar demon.” We are programmed to eat sugars and carbs, but it’s not how we’re designed to eat. Once you calm the demon down, other foods will satisfy, and the epic battle is won!

Kellyann Petrucci, MS, ND
Food & Lifestyle Expert

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