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Kelly Brogan, MD
New York, New York

A little bit about me:

Dr. Brogan is allopathically and holistically trained in the care of women at all stages of the reproductive cycle experiencing mood and anxiety symptoms, including premenstrual dysphoria (PMDD), pregnancy and postpartum symptomatology, as well as menopause-related illness. Her Functional Medicine approach is marked by a passion for identifying root causes of illness – genetic susceptibility and its interplay with nutritional, neuroendocrine, and hormonal imbalances. Medication treatment risks and benefits are carefully considered with a focus on short-term use and supported discontinuation. Comprehensive care integrates dietary modification, nutritional supplementation/nutraceuticals, breathwork, and FDA-approved medical technologies. Optimal wellness is the goal of every session.

My Philosophy:

I emphasize personalized medicine and exploring underlying imbalances before making recommendations. That said, supporting the functioning of an organ that is 60% fat by dry weight requires a diet with natural unsaturated and saturated fats along side of good quality animal-based protein, and whole food carbs. In my effort to support glycemic control for the eradication of symptoms that can masquerade as psychiatric, refined carbs and processed foods will always interfere with this goal.

Kelly Brogan, MD

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Telephone: (646) 706-7771

280 Madison Avenue
Suite 702
New York, NY 10016

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