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Kate Willesee, DC
Cremorne, New South Wales

A little bit about me:

I am a chiropractor and kinesiologist, I specialise in Adrenal fatigue and hormonal conditions. Using skills of kinesiology to discover blockages in nutritional absorption and often Craniosacral chiropractic adjustment that relates to retained neonatal reflexes, often they start excessive adrenal stress conditions.

My Philosophy:

So much of our health relates to what we eat, so much nutritional malabsorption is inherited from damage of processed foods to our last few generations. I believe nutrition comes naturally when you keep a whole food diet, avoiding grains and sugars and processed foods to allow our bodies the resources to heal and balance themselves from within.

Kate Willesee, DC

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Telephone: 6199531121

11/271 Military Road
Cremorne, NSW 2090

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